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Yellow Ribbon Crafts started in 2010 during a deployment. He came back to a small stash of yarn, a few needles and some finished projects that were the start of my new hobby. But my hobby quickly became an obsession. I want to try every technique. When I see an interesting pattern on my friend’s sweater- I want to try to figure it out.  I will never put a brush to canvas and create anything intriguing but give me some yarn and my needles and you’ll get a pattern design that is simple yet exciting. My patterns feature techniques that may be new to you but the instructions are easy to understand and more importantly – fun to make!

I split my time between creating new patterns and learning new techniques from others. My favorite designer is: Martina Behm from Germany! She despises the purl stitch so her designs are simple yet beautifully innovative. Jeny Staiman is another favorite. Her designs are mathematical genius and I envy her ingenuity.

My husband’s career has taken me around the world and I am proud to say I have traveled to over 20 countries and lived in 4. Moving around has stunted my career. I had dreams of being the next Katie Couric but my now my aspirations are closer to being the next Eunny Jang.

I get embarrassingly excited when I see a kid knitting. Who am I kidding? I get excited when I see ANYONE knitting because I believe that knitting is not just a creative outlet but an information inlet. Keeping my hands busy flips the switch that allows me to absorb information. Some people doodle in meetings. I knit.

There are also so many memories attached to knitting. I have a long ancestry of knitters. When you take the time to learn a craft and pass it to your children – you are giving them not just the gift of creativity but the gift of your time and future memories that they can cherish and a skill that will comfort them when you are gone.

I almost lost my opportunity to share this wonderful craft and I hope that I can encourage others to test themselves and accomplish their knitting goals so the they too can continue this hobby I am obsessed with.



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