Darth “Intarsia” Vader

May the (Intarsia) Force Be With You

Back when I thought knitting might be a fad for me, I was very conscious of each project I made. If I quit knitting tomorrow, I wanted to make sure I had an awesome collection of items to show for all the time I was “wasting” with my needles.

When I wanted to tackle Intarsia, I decided to tackle the Dark Lord himself. Darth Vader! My son was a bit obsessed, I was reliving my memories of the Star Wars franchise and I was determined to make things my Grandmother would never think to make (Love ya Great Gram!) so I found photos of Darth Vader, and made my own pattern (for more details on how I do this see: Ninjago Lunch Bag Challenge. 

577875_10151605259265217_173499650_nI decided to make Darth Vader into a pillow and although the chart I created used 39 stitches, I cast on 59 to account for the edges. I then knit 10 rows of black before starting my chart. To make the back, I knit a black square 59 stitches wide and 72 rows high to match the size of the front. Then I found a pillow form at my local craft store that fit. You could also tear apart an old pillow and use the stuffing if you can’t find a pillow form that matches your finished size exactly.

You can turn Darth Vader into anything you’d like by using The Force (of math). He could be a Lunch Bag like my Ninjago guy, a sweater, basically anything that has an extra 39 stitches x 52 rows that could use a little bit of the Dark Side.

Feel free to use and share this Chart. I’ve included a few details to help you make your math work.


Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Needles: 6-9 mm depending on yarn thickness. 6 mm will work well for recommended yarn

Recommended Yarn: Loops and Threads: Impeccable (Available at Michaels) 100m = 100g, 100% Acrylic, Colors: Wine/Black/White/Grey

Size: 39 stitches wide 52 rows high

Directions: Cast on 39 (plus edge stitches depending on required size) Center and work the chart from the bottom to the top using color suggested for each block.

For Example:
Row 1: (reads R to L) k12 in Black, k1 grey, k2 black, k1 grey, k23 black, turn
Row 2: (reads L to R) p22 black, p6 grey, p11 black, turn

Need Tips??:

Basic Intarsia Tips from Natty Knitter
Video Tutorial on wrapping Intarsia colors

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