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Q:  Why don’t you make [mermaid tail blankets/crochet sneakers/Ninja Turtle hats] and sell them at craft fairs?

A: Those items are adorable. I’m impressed by the designer who created that pattern and I hope he/she sells a BUNCH. As much as I adore those, I’m busy designing my own patterns. I would never ask my cousin, a talented artist, to devote a week of his time to paint a cute minifig like the one I saw on Pinterest. I know he has lots of projects he would rather be working on and minifigs just aren’t what he is passionate about.

Most of the items I make and sell at craft fairs or online are what I call my “test knits.” Either I have used the project as an excuse to try a new technique or pattern or yarn that I was curious about. They are all my experiments. If I make a bunch of the same item over and over again I will very quickly come to hate knitting and that would be a tragedy.

Q: Why would I buy one of your [hats/scarves/sweaters/etc.] when I can buy one from the store for half the price? What’s so great about handmade?

A: Many stores offer machine knit items for a fraction of what I charge. I buy machine knit items for my family all the time. If you need a hat and either the style or price of the one at the store speaks to you – by all means – BUY IT FROM THE STORE. I price my items based on: the cost and quality of the yarn used, the time I spent on it and (here’s the big secret) how badly I want to sell it. Sometimes I would rather have the item on my display table/online store to show what I have created because first and foremost – I’m a knit designer. I hope that you find something on my table/store that speaks to you and you agree with the price but if you just aren’t feeling it – we can 100% still be friends.

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