June 18th is World Wide Knit in Public Day


This year especially I am looking forward to World Wide Knit in Public day on June 18th. I have felt so much love and support since I launched YellowRibbonCrafts.com  I never imagined that living my authentic life could be this rewarding.

I think deep down inside I knew I always like knitting. I experimented with crochet but it’s not for me. I tried to like it. I don’t care if my friends like crochet more. I’ll still love them and their choices are their own. I think everybody should be able to be able to express their yarn-skills however they are comfortable. I don’t think anybody should have to be ashamed or hide their love of knitting. Since I told my parents, they have been very supportive. My crochet friends even like to meet and hang-out with my knitting friends at knit-clubs. My family supports my craft and they know that knitting makes me happy. I just couldn’t go through life crocheting and not experiencing all that the knit community had to offer.

With that said, I do like to dabble in crochet now and again and that doesn’t mean I’m not still a knitter. There are a lot of great things about crochet and you need a little crochet in your life too.

When I tell people I’m a knitwear designer, they sometimes say, “Oh I always knew you’d end up knitting.” I’m not sure what gave it away.

Today being a knitter is much more culturally accepted. I’ve found that online sites like Ravelry and Craftsy are great places to meet other knitters like me. The stigma attached to knitting is slowly dissolving as more and more of us stand up and show pride in who we are.

The next time you see someone knitting in public, give them a smile and let them know you support them. Make sure to support your crocheting friends too. World Wide Knit in Public Day is celebrated every year on June 18th.

p.s. National Coming Out day is celebrated every year on October 11th. You’d better celebrate that too.

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