Tuesday Tea Time

Tea Time – June 10, 2016


Today’s tea is English Westminster from Tee Gschwendner in Nürnberg.

The Buy

We stumbled upon this shop on a stroll back to the train station at Königstraße 45.

Luckily my family enjoys the occasional “cuppa” so they didn’t mind stopping to sniff a few blends and show me what they thought I should get. I was a little low on my black tea supply and knew that there were only a few grams of English Breakfast left. I decided to give English Westminster a try instead.

The store provides me a typical paper bag but the label is removable and came off very nicely. As you can see, I was able to easily transfer it to this Tea Purple jar I had leftover from South Korea. Of course, I realize that a clear glass jar isn’t the optimal storage solution for your tea investment but I don’t plan to have this in stock for long.


The store offered me a free sample of another chai tea I was interested in. I haven’t tried it yet but it was nice to have a small sampler to take home even though I was not making a huge purchase. The store owner spoke great English and offered me a free plastic teaspoon (in the photo) with my minuscule 50g tea purchase. It was a nice experience! I also tried one of their tea-infused candies and they were yummy!


The tea is basically English Breakfast. A little milder if anything. I drank it on the run and almost forgot I wasn’t drinking English Breakfast. Very smooth. Little to no bitterness (4 minute steep) and no after taste. I will be getting more.

The rating

Very nice quality tea. I give it an 8.2/10 because it is so similar to English Breakfast that I may as well have had the original.



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